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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Robert Donnan, CPhys FInstP FIET


Reader in Terahertz Engineering

Telephone: +44 20 7882 7519
Office Hours: Wednesday 15:30-16:30


Electronic Engineering Mathematics 2 (Undergraduate)

Module will cover topics in engineering mathematics relevant to Electronics and Electrical Engineering programs: Vector Calculus (field theory, surface and volume integration, field operators), linear algebra (matrices and matrix operations, applications to systems of equations, reduced Row Echelon Form, determinants, Cramer's rule, eigenvalues and eigenvectors), differential equations (solving first and second order DEs).

Microwave and Millimetrewave Electronics (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

The module covers: RF SPECTRUM: Revision of basic RF spectrum. Radio transmission bands. Regulatory considerations. MODULATION & DEMODULATION: AM & FM modulation principles; basic modulation & demodulation circuits. Digital modulation principles; basic digital modulation & demodulation circuits. BEHAVIOUR OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AT RF: Behaviour of R, L and C at RF; use of reactance plots and reactance charts. Transistor equivalent circuits for RF applications. COUPLING NETWORKS & FILTERS: The design of RF coupling networks; design of basic Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Stop filters. AMPLIFIERS: Revision of basic amplifier circuits. Multi-stage small-signal linear amplifiers. Class B & C amplifiers; switching amplifiers. R.F. & wideband amplifiers. Noise in amplifiers. Principles of feedback & feedforward. Frequency response. MIXERS & OSCILLATORS: Mixer and oscillator theory; basic mixer and oscillator circuits. L.C. tanks, quartz crystals and ceramic resonators. Phase Locked Loops & Frequency Synthesizers.


Research Interests:

Research Interests:

Development of Terahertz Metrology for Life-Sciences

  • Innovation with Time-domain and Vector Network Analysis systems for the repeatable determination of (bio)materials' optical constants.
  • Application of Circular Dichroism to the THz analysis of biomolecular systems.   

Metrology of Antenna and Quasi-optical Feed Systems

  • Design and experimental verification of multi-mirror compact antenna ranges.
  • Design and experimental study of quasi-optical filters (FSSs) constructed from sub-millimetre wavelength periodic structures.
  • Spatial Spectrum Analysis for measurement of beam aberration by FSSs and experimental support of Group-developed electromagnetic-modelling codes
  • Development of software based on beam-optics for integrated design and analysis of quasi-optical networks

Metrology of Dielectric Materials

  • Quasi-optical network-based measurement of magneto-optical constants of materials.
  • Dispersive Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of dielectric materials for antenna applications