School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Thomas Cuvillier


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 438


Research Interests:

My work currently consists in building a heterogeneous post-compiler tool for JAVA,
as part of a larger project whose main goal is to develop a library for distributing java
code, informed by mathematical models of computations relying on game semantics.

I did my Ph.D in denotational semantics, field that strives to
devise proper mathematical models for software and logic. The purpose of semantics
is to both define the meaning of the programs/proofs and to serve as basis for
analysis and verification. I notably worked on a game semantics of ML. Following that,
I strived to develop a concrete model of linear logic that could dually
reflect computations originating from linear proofs, by restraining the instantiation
of atomic types to concrete data structures found in programming languages.