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Dr Dorien Herremans

Research Fellow

Research Interests

Dorien Herremans is currently a Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at C4DM, Queen Mary University of London, working on the MorpheuS project. She got her PhD on the topic of Computer Generation and Classification of Music through Operations Research Methods (Compose≡Compute - Generating and Classifying Music through Operations Research Methods). She graduated as a commercial engineer in management information systems at the University of Antwerp in 2005. After that, she worked as a Drupal consultant and was an IT lecturer at the Les Roches University in Bluche, Switzerland. She also worked as a mandaatassistent at the University of Antwerp, in the domain of operations managment, supply chain management and operations research. Her current research focuses on applications of OR in the field of music. She has developed a variable neighbourhood search algorithm that can compose or generate fifth species counterpoint, with composer specific characteristics. This algorithm was later expanded to generate structured music for bagana, by combining it with machine learned models. She has also developed models for the dance hit prediction problem. Currently, her focus is on combining machine learning and optimization algorithms to generate structured polyphonic music. 

An up to date list of publications can be found here

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