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Dr Antonios Kaniadakis

Lecturer in Information Technology Management

Research Interests

My research is multi-disciplinary and combines insights from Information Systems, Economic Sociology, Innovation Studies and Management. I have an interest in socio-technical analyses of information and communication technologies, predominantly in the finance sector. More recently, I started looking into the role of social media as marketing information systems. 

I am a qualitative researcher and an experienced ethnographer. 

Topics of interest include: Social informatics, digital innovation, information infrastructures, social studies of finance, innovation ecosystems, enterprise systems (e.g. ERP), social media. 

I publish in information systems and social sciences journals. 

Twitter: @kaniadakisa 


PhD - Science, Technology and Innovation Studies - The University of Edinburgh, UK

MRes - Science, Technology and Innovation Studies - The University of Edinburgh, UK

MA - Sociology of ICT - Queen's University at Kingston, Canada

BA - Sociology - University of Crete, Greece

PGCAP - Queen Mary University of London, UK

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Head of the IT & Business Management Teaching Group


Wood, C., Poslad, S., Kaniadakis, A. & Gabrys, J. (2017), "What lies above: alternative user experiences produced through focussing attention on GNSS infrastructure" Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2017, pp. 161-172, Edinburgh, UK, June 10–14, 2017 (Best Paper Award) Available at:

Wood, C. Poslad, S., Gabrys, J. & Kaniadakis, A. (2017), "GPS Tarot: Encounters with satellites as divination tools", Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems, pp. 329-332, Edinburgh, UK, June 10-14, 2017. Available at:

Kaniadakis, A. (2017), "Review of: How Industry Analysts Shape the Digital Future, by Neil Pollock and Robin Williams, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, 400pp.", Journal of Cultural Economy. Volume 10, Issue 4, Special Issue: Intersections of Culture Studies and Finance. Available at:

Kaniadakis, A. & Elbanna, A. (2017), "The making of transparency in European securitization: Rebuilding the market's information infrastructures", 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhagen, 6-8 July, 2017. 

Wood, C., Poslad, S., Gabrys, J. & Kaniadakis, A. (2016), "Studying digital locative infrastructures: a reflective workshop approach", Pre-ECIS workshop, European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2016, Istanbul, 12 June, 2016.

Wood, C., Poslad, S., Gabrys, J. & Kaniadakis, A. (2016), "Dial Stories: The hybridisation of site using radio as a locative technology", 4th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx), 7-8 July 2016, Bergamo, Italy.

Kaniadakis, A. (2016), “Standardization of information and financial innovation: Lessons from mortgage securitization”, in K. Jakobs (Ed), Effective Standardization Management in Corporate Settings, IGI Global

Kaniadakis, A. & Karpasitis, C. (2015), “Viral video marketing campaigns in a social media ecosystem: the rise of ephemeral online communities”, Social Media & Society 2015 International Conference, Toronto, July 2015

Ibrahim, Y. & Kaniadakis, A. (2015), “Data Economy: Reconstituting the Human”, Social Media & Society 2015 International Conference, Toronto, July 2015

Kaniadakis, A. (2015), “The Role And Impact Of Information Systems On Financial Innovation: The Case Of Master Trusts For Mortgage Securitization”, Information Systems Impact: Making Research Matter – Proceedings of UKAIS 2015, Oxford, March 2015

Karpasitis C. & Kaniadakis, A. (2015), “Social media as marketing information systems: Co-creation in viral video advertising”, In T. Tsiakis (Ed), Trends and Innovations in Marketing Information Systems, IGI Global

Kaniadakis, A. & Constantinides P. (2014), “Innovating Financial Information Infrastructures: the transition of legacy assets to the securitization market”, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, Vol. 15, Issue 5, Article 3 (Special Issue: Innovation in Information Infrastructures).  Available at:

Kaniadakis, A. (2012), “ERP implementation as a broad socio-economic phenomenon: The Agora of Techno-Organisational Change”, Information Technology & People, Volume 25, Issue 3, pp.259 – 280. Available at:

Kaniadakis, A. (2010), “Integrating Systems and Shaping the Information Technology Marketplace”, EASST Conference: Practicing Science & Technology, Performing the Social, 2-4 September 2010, Trento, University of Trento, Italy.

Kaniadakis, A. & Kyrtsis, A.A. (2009), “The Socio-Logic of the IT Marketplace and long-term relationships between Banks and IT Firms”Proceedings of the MCIS 2009, Athens, 25-27 September, 2009.

Kaniadakis, A. (2008), “Understanding Information Systems Development: The Agora of Techno-Organisational Change” Proceedings of the MCIS 2008, Tunisia, 23-26 October, 2008.


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