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Dr Gokop Goteng


Research Interests

My research interests are in developing the next generation architectures for cloud computing that can handle grand challenge problems in using big data to analyse and solve energy related problems, digital healthcare systems, safer and smarter cities, global counter-terrorism and efficient use of the emerging GPU processing power. In summary, I am interested in cloud technologies, software defined networking (SDN), content delivery network (CDN), network functions virtualisation (NFV), big data, data analytic, middleware, TV White Space, digital economy and next generation of graphics processing units (GPUs).

For students who are interested in doing PhD under my supervision, Please see details here.


Gokop completed his PhD in Grid Computing at Cranfield University UK in 2009 and also has a B.Tech and MSc in Computer Science and Information Technology respectively. He worked as a Computational Scientific Grid Specialist at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) which is located within the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Didcot,  Oxfordshire UK from 2009 to 2011. He did his postdoctoral fellowships at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) in Qatar and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia between 2012 and 2014. Gokop joined Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in September 2014 as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). He is the module organiser of Cloud Computing and Middleware in the Joint Programme (JP) with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) in China where he teaches cloud computing, middleware and software engineering to Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering students. Gokop is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Java Certified Programmer (JCP) and a professional member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and IEEE Computer Society.

Professional Highlights


Ponsford, S., Guerrero, S. Yip, W. and Goteng, G. (2013). Storage System and Method of Storing and Managing Data. Patent Filed with the European Patent Office, Submission Number 1954762, PCT/EP2013/050302, QCRI, Qatar Foundation.


First Prize in UK 2006 Grid Competition, see coverage at:

Nigerian Petroleum Technology Development Fund PhD Scholarship Award (2005)

Nigerian Petroleum Technology Development Fund MSc Scholarship Award (2003)

Chevron Oil Undergraduate Scholarship Award (1993)

Mobil Oil Undergraduate Scholarship Award (1994)

Selected Publications:

Goteng, G. and Tao, Xueyu (2016). Cloud Computing Intelligent Data-Driven Model: Connecting the Dots to Combat Global Terrorism: IEEE CLOUD/BigData Conference, 27th June – 3rd July 2016, San Francisco, USA.

Ahmed, A., Goteng, G., Shankar, V. S. B., Qurashi, A., Roberts,  W. A and Sarathy, S. M.. (2015). A computational methodology for formulating gasoline surrogate fuels with accurate physical and chemical kinetic properties: Journal of Fuel, Elsevier publications.

Reyno-Chiasson, Z., Nettyam, N., Goteng, G. L., Speight, M., Lee, B. J., Baskaran, S., Oreluk, J., Farooq, A., Im, H. G., Frenklach, M. and Sarathy*, S. M. (2015). CloudFlame and PrIMe: accelerating combustion research in the cloud. The ICCK 2015 Conference Proceedings.

Goteng, G., Speight, M., Nettyam, N., Farooq, A., Frenklach, M. and Sarathy, M. (2014). A Hybrid Cloud System for Combustion Kinetics Simulation. 23rd Symposium of Gas Kinetics, July 20-25, Szeged, Hungary.

Goteng, G., Nettyam, N. and Sarathy, M. (2013). CloudFlame:  Cyberinfrastructure for Combustion Research. IEEE International Conference of Information Science and Cloud Computing, December 7-8, Guangzhou, China.

Goteng, G. and Sarathy, M. (2013). Kinetic Data in the Cloud: The Next Generation of Cyberinfrastructure for Collaborative Combustion Research. SAS-CI 2013 Conference, April 29, Dhahran (Saudi Aramco), Saudi Arabia.

Ponsford, S., Guerrero, S. and Goteng, G. (2012). Accounting for Power Consumption in Distributed Virtual Environments. IEEE INFOCOM 2012 Main Conference, March 25-27, FL, USA.

Goteng, G., Tiwari, A. and Roy, R. (2010). Grid services for multi-objective design optimisation: CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, Elsevier publications, vol. 3, 249–261.

Goteng, G., Tiwari, A. and Roy, R. (2009). Grid Services for Multi-objective Optimisation In: CIRP Design Conference: (CIRP-2009), Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK, March, 2009.

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