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Dr Robert Donnan

Reader in Terahertz Engineering

Research Interests

Research Interests:

Development of Terahertz Metrology for Life-Sciences

  • Time-domain spectrometric (TDS) determination of derived physical constants for standardising disparate TDS measurement configurations after the same fashion EIRP plays in antenna metrology.
  • THz-TDS study of amyloid oligomers and the partially folded intermediates that precede their formation
  • THz-TDS & VNA-Quasi Optical circuit control applied to crystal engineering in EPSRC's Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge.

Metrology of Antenna and Quasioptical Feed Systems

  • Design and experimental verification of multi-mirror compact antenna ranges.
  • Design and experimental study of quasioptical filters (FSSs) constructed from sub-millimetre wavelength periodic structures.
  • Spatial Spectrum Analysis for measurement of beam aberration by FSSs and experimental support of Group-developed electromagnetic-modelling codes
  • Development of software based on beam-optics for integrated design and analysis of quasioptical networks

Metrology of Dielectric Materials

  • Quasioptical network-based measurement of magneto-optical constants of hexa-ferrites at GHz - THz energies
  • Dispersive Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of dielectric materials for antenna applications



Professional Highlights

FInstP Fellow of the Institute of Physics

CPhys Chartered Physicist

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