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Dr Thomas Roelleke

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

My research focuses on two related areas: 1. information retrieval (IR) models and 2. the integration of database (DB) and IR technologies.

IR models are related to probability theory and the sound derivation of IR models leads to new and general approaches to rank any object, to reason about complex knowledge sources, and to make decisions. Many results of my research over the past 10 years are summarised in the book "IR Models: Foundations and Relationships", Morgan Claypool Publishers, 2013. Currently, my main research interest is in generalisations of probability theory in order to obtain a "new" theory that joins probabilistic and information-theoretic reasoning.

The integration of DB and IR is an ongoing research challenge, though, in principle, DB and IR do the same: manage and retrieve data. I have developed probabilistic object-relational, logic-based knowledge representations that are useful for solving tasks in the domain of "semantic" (knowledge-rich) information management tasks. This led to the "Relational Bayes", a patented technology (VLDB Journal 2008).

Based on the insights into probabilistic reasoning and IR models, and based on the benefits from a seamless DB+IR, we have developed an information management system that we provide to selected collaborators and customers.

Professional Highlights

Director of Apriorie Ltd First computer science spin-out of QMUL, based on HySpirit technology

Programme Committee Member for ACM SIGIR 02-08, VLDB 05, and others (CIKM, ECIR, SPIRE) Reviewer for CS journals such as ACM TOIS, ACM TODS, VLDB Journal, JASIST, IR Journal, Information Processing & Management, ACM TOIT

Co-organisor of ACM SIGIR 2004 workshop on Integration of Information Retrieval and Databases (DB+IR)

Member of the SIGMOD 2005 Panel on Databases and Information Retrieval: Rethinking the Great Divide

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