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Dr Soren Riis


Research Interests

Mathematical Logic, Complexity Theory, Proof Complexity, Algebraic Proof Complexity, Information Theory, Network Coding, Combinatorics and Reinforced Learning.

Professional Highlights

Dr. Søren Riis Reader in Computer Science DPhil in mathematics from University of Oxford (1994)

Published in prestigious top journals including IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Journal of Combinatorial Theory (Series A), Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Computational Complexity, Theoretical Computer Science and Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra.

Published in prestigious top conferences including Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS),  Annual Conference on Information Science and Systems, Information Theory Proceedings (ISIT), Logic in Computer Science (LICS) and International Symposium on Network Coding.

Has held research fellowships at the Fields Institute Toronto, The Isaac Newton Institute Cambridge and Poincare Institute Paris.

Has been Guest editor on special issue of Pure and Applied Logic (1997),

Has written more than 20 review articles for mathematical reviews (see for more details)

Have given invited talks and/or lecture series at Maths and CS departments at more than 20 Universities worldwide. This includes talks at Institute for Advanced Studies, Institute Poincare Paris, Isaac Newton Institute Cambridge, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, The Fields Institute Toronto, University of Princeton, Dimacs Rutgers University, University of Jerusalem, University of Prague, Ecole Polytechnicque de Lausanne, University of Vienna, University of Lund, University of Copenhagen, University of Jerusalem, University of St. Andrews , University of Utrect, Trinity College Dublin and University of Leeds.

Referee on more than 50 research papers submitted to conferences or journals. This includes top Journals in Mathematical Logic (Journal of Symbolic Logic, Annal of Pure and Applied Logic, and Arkive fur Logic) as well as Computer Science (including Journal of the ACM (JACM), IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,  Siam Journal of Computing and Theoretical Computer Science). Riis has been on the EPSRC College of Peer Reviewers since 2010.

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