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Dr Matthew Huntbach


Research Interests

Concurrent/Declarative Programming Languages Declarative programming languages are based on an abstract model of computing rather than the actual hardware. With an abstract model which breaks down clearly into pieces with defined patterns of interaction, we can write programs which are less likely to contain bugs than conventional programs and more easy to analyse. Another reason for using declarative languages is that as they are not tied to the standard single-processor architecture they may more easily be mapped onto multi-processor architectures, while saving the programmer from having to be concerned with low-level aspects of controlling these architectures. The challenge is to design programming languages which are easy for ordinary programmers to use, which fit into the modern pattern of computing which is as much about interaction is about calculation, and which have a clear abstract model underlying them.

Professional Highlights

Matthew Huntbach Regularly invited to review papers and books for ACM Computing Reviews, have had many of these reviews published over the years. Regularly invited to review textbooks and textbook proposals for Pearson Education Conferences for which I have been a reviewer: AADEBUG (International Symposium on Automated and Analysis-Driven Debugging) SAC (ACM Symposium on Applied Computing) Programming Languages track

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