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Dr Anne Hsu


Research Interests

 My work combines computer science and psychology. My research includes human computer interaction, behavioural economics, cognitive psychology, and spans topics of reasoning, wellbeing, health, behavioural change and gamification.

You can see my publication list here.

Professional Highlights

Grants Awarded   2011: “Discriminative vs. generative machine and human learning”, PASCAL pump priming, PI, (£45,000)  

2009-2010: “When something is missing: can absence of evidence be evidence of absence?”, ESRC Reference: RES-000-22-3275, PI,  (£99,573)
 2008-2009: “The learnability of linguistic irregularities: A simplicity-based approach”, ESRC ESRC Reference: RES-000-22-2768, co-PI, rapporteurs report grade: Outstanding, top grade (£99,959)
 2007: Wellcome Trust Value in People Award, (£15,364)

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