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The Universal Heartbeat: EECS Art Project

The Universal Heartbeat Project is a cooperation between Fabrizio Smeraldi of the EECS Risk and Information Management group and visual artist Beata Maria Rzepecka. This viscerally interactive installation explores rhythm and the perception of self. It features a stop-motion animation of a heartbeat, created by sequencing through a series of frames hand-painted on glass. The animation is synchronised with the visitors’ own heartbeat, that is amplified and played back to them through headphones - thus adding an intimate, deeply personal dimension to the display. The Universal Heartbeat Project was launched at the Barts and Queen Mary Science Festival. Prospective computer science and electronic engineering students also interacted with this installation during the EECS Open Day.

For more information and details of future events follow the twitter feed of the project.

CATEGORY: Outreach

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