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Facebook buys EECS’ Professor’s startup

Facebook buys EECS’ Professor’s startup

Facebook buys EECS’ Professor’s startup

Prof Dino Distefano is a founder and the Chief Science Officer of Monoidics.  Monoidics was founded In 2009 with the goal of making the best automatic formal verification and analysis software in the industry. They have progressed from theoretical ideas in logics of programs all the way to a company with a world-class engineering team, real customers and an office right in the midst of London’s Silicon Roundabout.

Prof Dino Distefano is also Professor of Software Verification at EECS, Queen Mary, University of London, where he holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship.

Prof. Distefano is known for his breakthrough work on automatic source code verification based on the mathematical theory called Separation Logic, for which he was recognized with the 2012 Needham Award for distinguished contributions to computer science. Prof. Distefano is the designer of Space Invader, the first separation logic program analyser able to prove complex properties of safety and security in industrial software. Space Invader was shortlisted for the 2008 Research Project of the Year Award of the Times Higher Education magazine.

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