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EECS Students win the Cisco Switch Up competition 2017

EECS Students win the Cisco Switch Up competition 2017

Many Congratulations to the overall winner of the Cisco Switch Up Competition, team Hard Air, a group of EECS Computer Science Students:

  • Kapil Pau
  • Aathishankar Thayanantha Harriydaran
  • Prodige Tukala
  • Yusuf Pholby

The competition is about using the Internet of Things to improve the world we live in, with the prize being is a free trip to California in the summer.   

Team Hard Air impressed the jury with their project, ‘Spyne’. Spyne is a revolutionary posture tracker that comprises of a thin, embedded, ‘T’-shaped strip designed to monitor the wearer’s posture, and an app on their phone.

It aligns with the user’s spine and across their shoulders to track unhealthy bends in the back and rolling of the shoulders. It pairs with the phone via Bluetooth to sends the data to the app, which alerts the user after prolonged periods of bad posture.

It also creates real-time renderings of the spinal shape and allows for posture ‘review’ – providing graphical illustrations of users’ posture compared to the recommended shape over time.

Very Well Done…and don’t forget your tanning lotion!

image credits: Cisco -

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