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Book chapter on UWB Diversity in Healthcare

Book chapter on UWB Diversity in Healthcare

Our book chapter on “Antenna Diversity Techniques for Enhanced Ultra-Wideband Body-Centric Wireless Networks in Healthcare” by Qammer H. Abbasi,
Akram Alomainy and Yang Hao from Antennas at QMUL to appear in ‘Ultra-Wideband and 60 GHz Communications for Biomedical Applications’ to be published by Springer in early 2014


Achieving better system performance and receiving optimum communication link quality with minimum power consumption is the main drive behind the recent surge in interest in diversity-based techniques, whether it is from a spatial, frequency or polarisation perspective. In this chapter, studies for applicability of antenna diversity to be applied in ultra-wideband (UWB) on/off-body channel are carried out. Measurements are performed in both an anechoic chamber (no multi-path reflections) and in a typical indoor environment (dense multi-path surroundings) on a human candidate for various daily life activities including both static and dynamic cases. Various diversity techniques are applied to highlight the benefit of incorporating such methods in enhancing the overall system performance by increasing the reliability of the link and hence, successful reception rate.

CATEGORY: Research Outreach

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