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When: Fri 18th November 2016
Where: MAT Performance Lab

C4DM presents a Brief Evening of Electroacoustic Music with guest composer Oded Ben-Tal, and soprano trombonist Torbjörn Hultmark

CATEGORY: C4DM Public Outreach

When: Mon 14th November 2016

We present a method for inducing incremental dialogue systems from very small amounts of dialogue data, avoiding the use of dialogue acts.

CATEGORY: Research Seminar

When: Sat 12th November 2016
Where: Millenium Gallery

Imagine a piece of fabric that can be tapped or swiped just like you would a touch screen? Or if sensors woven into the cover of your chair told you when you were slouching? Electronic textiles are where computer science, electrical engineering, textiles and design all come together.

When: Mon 7th November 2016

This seminar is an introduction to psychology studies and art/design projects that have played with embarrassment.

When: Wed 2nd November 2016

Terahertz properties of graphene are determined by the electromagnetic Drude response and demonstrate an extraordinary sensitivity to the electrostatic doping and the magnetic field due to a tiny effective mass of the Dirac fermions.

CATEGORY: Research Seminar

When: Wed 28th September 2016
Where: Vortex Jazz Club

We’re faced with constant reminders in the media that robots are coming to take our jobs, but the likes of Steve Reich, John Williams and Wayne Shorter might have thought their positions were safe at least. No longer! Now the rise of the machines challenges one of the most creative disciplines – the composition of music.

CATEGORY: Public Outreach

When: Sat 10th September 2016
Where: Mile End Art Pavilion

Intersections Performances is organised by researchers from the Media and Arts Technology programmes at QMUL. Throughout the week 10 - 16 September, we will be performing pieces originated from the inventive research of MSc and PhD students, fascinating your senses with immersive installations, experimental electronic music, haptic interactions and much more.

When: Tue 28th June 2016

To celebrate the new Machine Listening Lab, we're pleased to announce an afternoon with three invited seminars from distinguished researchers - specialising in speech, natural sound and music.

CATEGORY: C4DM Group Seminar

When: Sat 25th June 2016
Where: EECS

College Open Days provide a chance for you to find out what life as a student is like at Queen Mary.

When: Wed 1st June 2016
Where: Maths Lecture Theatre

Eventbrite - What is a Mathematical Proof? - Professor Dana Scott

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