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When: Fri 8th December 2017
Where: The Great Hall

Are robots really going to take over the world? Will robots be able to replace humans? What does it mean to be human? Take a journey through the weird and wonderful world of robotics. You will discover the challenges and possibilities facing today's engineers and scientists with the quest of creating the man's new best friend (or will they be our enemies?)

CATEGORY: Public Outreach

When: Wed 22nd November 2017
Where: BR 3.02

All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required. Preceded at 2.45pm by tea and followed by a reception - both in the Informatics Hub

When: Tue 7th November 2017

4th ARQ (robotics) seminar. Professor Keith Clark will talk on robotic agents control.

When: Wed 25th October 2017
Where: BR 3.02

All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required; Preceded at 2.45pm by tea and followed by a reception - both in the Informatics Hub)

When: Thu 12th October 2017

3rd ARQ (robotics) seminar. Professor Vincent Hayward will talk on haptics and tactile perception.

When: Sun 1st October 2017
Where: Excel Centre

Come and visit a colony of naked mole rat and take part in a drawing workshop at the New Scientist Live 2017 Event from Thursday 28-September to October 1st

When: Fri 29th September 2017
Where: Excel Centre

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good game. Robots are starting to benefit from them too.

Talking at the New Scientist LIve 2017 Event, Simon will explain the synergy between robotics and games, in particular how games can be used to facilitate the evolution of complex and useful behaviour, both in virtual worlds and on physical robots, including autonomous vehicles. Games have the advantage of providing ideal test-beds for new learning algorithms, and enable fast simulations that can be easily parallelised.

When: Fri 8th September 2017
Where: Mile End Art Pavilion

Inter/sections is a week-long, annual event organised by the students in the Media and Arts Technology Centre for Doctoral Training at Queen Mary University of London. Inter/sections 2017 is taking place from 3-8 September, at the Mile End Art Pavilion in East London.

When: Wed 6th September 2017

If you're considering doing a PhD or Masters degree, we can help you make your decision at our Postgraduate Open Afternoon.

CATEGORY: Students

When: Thu 29th June 2017

Participants are a collective of Final Year interdisciplinary Designers, Innovators, Scientists and Engineering students. With the aim of bridging the Art, Science & Engineering divide. The exhibition will showcase extensive final year work in the fields of product, medical, surface and wearable design innovation. This is not only the output of an entire year of work but also demonstrates the culmination of the previous 3 or 4 years of study towards a BEng or MEng degree.

CATEGORY: Public Outreach

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