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When: Wed 12th July 2017

All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required, followed by a reception in the Informatics Hub

When: Wed 5th July 2017

Followed by a reception in the Informatics Hub

When: Thu 29th June 2017

Participants are a collective of Final Year interdisciplinary Designers, Innovators, Scientists and Engineering students. With the aim of bridging the Art, Science & Engineering divide. The exhibition will showcase extensive final year work in the fields of product, medical, surface and wearable design innovation. This is not only the output of an entire year of work but also demonstrates the culmination of the previous 3 or 4 years of study towards a BEng or MEng degree.

CATEGORY: Public Outreach

When: Thu 29th June 2017
Where: Octagon

The Centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary (ARQ) is inviting to its day of inauguration. We will be showcasing QMUL's varied and exciting robotics activities and hear from our researchers about their most recent advancements in their areas of interest - highlights include soft robotics, flying solar-copters, micro swarm robots, articulated prosthetics for children, robot co-workers for the factory environment, tactile sensing, haptic tele-operation, wearable robots and much more.

When: Fri 23rd June 2017

College Open Days provide a chance for you to find out what life as a student is like at Queen Mary.

When: Wed 17th May 2017
Where: Fogg Lecture Theatre

Eventbrite - EECS Flagship Seminar Series -Computing for the Future of the Planet - Professor Andrew Hopper

Digital technology is becoming an indispensable and crucial component of our lives, society, and the physical environment.

A framework for the role of computing in dealing with sustainability of the planet will be presented. The framework has a number of goals: an optimal digital infrastructure, sensing and optimizing the use of resources in the physical world, guaranteeing the performance of indispensable systems, and digital alternatives to physical activities.

Practical industrial examples will be given alongside research goals and societal challenges and dilemmas.

When: Wed 3rd May 2017
Where: Fogg Lecture Theatre

Eventbrite - EECS Flagship Seminar Series -  Laser communication in space, technic and potential - Dr Uwe Sterr  
Title: Laser communication in space, technic and potential

Laser communication will help Earth-observing satellites to transmit large quantities of potentially life-saving data down to Earth in near-real time. Geostationary satellites use optical links to gather low-orbiting satellites’ information at far higher data rates than traditional radio frequency beams.

Laser communication will provide near-realtime data where it matters the most. Disaster relief efforts and the maritime sector will use the system to get information when it counts. The International Space Station will also use laser communication to relay its findings down to Earth.

In the first EECS Flagship Seminar for 2017, Dr Uwe Sterr will be presenting giving his talk, titled: Laser communication in space, technic and potential, where he discusses laser communication and it's key role in providing real-time data transfer from satellites and aircraft infrastructure.

When: Wed 12th April 2017
Where: Graduate Centre - Room GC222

2nd seminar of the Centre for Advanced Robotics at QMUL (ARQ): Spatial perception for mobile robots by Dr Stefan Leutenegger, Imperial College London, Dyson Robotics Lab

When: Wed 5th April 2017

This event will provide an excellent opportunity for students to experience some of the exciting things that a degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science has to offer.

When: Tue 21st February 2017

The School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science invite students, parents and educators to a Degree Apprenticeships opening evening on 21st February, 4pm – 6pm.


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