Protecting Large Complex Critical Infrastructures

Our way of life is dependent on Large Complex Critical Infrastructures (LCCIs), such as distributed electricity and telecommunication networks. These networks are highly interconnected and interdependent and a single fault in one network can cause a cascade of failure with far-reaching results. In recent years electricity blackouts across large parts of Europe and North America have demonstrated this.

Safeguard aims to enhance the dependability and survivability of these LCCIs. Modern automation systems that support LCCIs provide different levels of automation, regulation and control, but "intelligent" functions relating to critical issues such as safety and system survivability are still usually monitored or executed by human operators. Safeguard will use agent technology to improve the capabilities of the automatic control functions while also helping the human operators to make the right decisions at the right time.

Safeguard is part of the European Union's Information Society Technologies programme [IST Project Number: IST-2001-32685].

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