International Workshop on Antenna Technology 2007 (iWAT07)
"Small and Smart Antennas, Metamaterials and Applications"
21st-23rd March, 2007, Cambridge, U.K


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Welcome to iWAT07 homepage


It gives us a great pleasure to welcome all of you to attend the 3rd edition of the IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technologies during 21-23 March, 2007 (iWAT’07) at Cambridge, UK. iWAT’07 is being hosted by Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, in collaboration with Sony-Ericsson Mobile Comm. AB and University of Manchester, UK.  

The idea of holding iWAT’07 at Cambridge, UK, was firstly conceived at IEEE AP-S’05 in Washington DC, USA, and was immediately endorsed by many colleagues in our community for the apparent reasons. Cambridge University is not only the place where James Clark Maxwell published his theory about electromagnetic waves – the foundation of electromagnetics and antenna engineering, but also the birthplace of many sciences and technologies. Cambridge University is also one of best UK tourist attractions for its long-history, rich culture, spectacular architecture and beautiful scenery.  

iWAT’07 is happening at an interesting time and it coincident with the 20th anniversary of the book ‘Small Antennas’, the first text on this subject. We are honored to have one of the co-authors of the book, Professor Kyoheu Fujimoto, to present one of the keynote talks. iWAT’07 has kept the tradition of the two previous editions of iWAT and will provide a unique forum for the exchange of information and ideas on the research and development in innovative antenna technology, particularly in the area of small antennas and applications of meta-materials to small antenna designs.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and organizations, who have provided their support and help to iWAT’07. We wish all the participants will benefit from the technical activities at iWAT’07 and enjoy the social events in the Workshop.



Prof. Xiadodong Chen
Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Dr. Thomas Bolin
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication AB, Sweden

QMUL Sony Ericsson Manchester University
             IEEE                      IEE

The conference is now closed. Thank you for your support.

We look forward seeing you at the iWAT08. Please visit (


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