ICArn 2008
ICA Research Network International Workshop

Liverpool, UK        25 - 26 September 2008

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Keynote talk

Polynomial matrix factorisations for separating convolutive mixtures
Professor J G McWhirter FRS FREng

See also: Accepted Papers.

Provisional Outline Programme

25 Septemer 2008
26 September 2008
09:00 Registration  
09:30 Welcome & Opening;
Keynote Session
09:50 Coffee/Tea
10:20 Session IV
10:50 Coffee/Tea
11:20 Session I
12:00 ICA Research Network Open Afternoon:
- Lunch & Posters
12:35 Lunch
13:45 Session II
ICA Research Network Open Afternoon:
 - Position Papers
15:00 Coffee/Tea
15:15 Coffee/Tea
15:30 Session III
16:00 ICA Research Network Open Afternoon:
 - Panel Discussion
16:45 Closing Remarks
17:00 End of Workshop
Evening Workshop Dinner

Technical Programme (Provisional)

Thursday 25 September 2008: Day 1
09:00 Registration
Coffee Room
09:30 Opening
Lecture Room
  Welcome & Opening Talk
Asoke Nandi, University of Liverpool
Mark Plumbley, Queen Mary University of London
  Keynote Presentation:
Polynomial matrix factorisations for separating convolutive mixtures

Prof J G McWhirter FRS FREng
10:50 Coffee Break
Coffee Room
11:20 Session I: Algorithms
Lecture Room
  1.1 Composite-Order and Optimized Composite-Order ICA Algorithms for Skewed Sources
S. Abrar and A. K. Nandi
  1.2 Non-Negative Matrix Factorization based on Projected Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
W. Wang and X. Zou
  1.3 Towards Independent Subspace Analysis in Controlled Dynamical Systems
Z. Szabó and A. Lorincz
12:35 Lunch
13:45 Session II: Analysis & Evaluation
Lecture Room
  2.1 Oracle Evaluation of Flexible Adaptive Transforms for Underdetermined Audio Source Separation
A. Nesbit, M. D. Plumbley and E. Vincent
  2.2 Effects of Frequency Displacement in Independent Component Analysis
C. Rascon, B. Lennox and O. Marjanovic
  2.3 Information Theory Based Redundancy and Independent Component Analysis
A. Masood and A. K. Nandi
15:00 Coffee/Tea
Coffee Room
15:30 Session III: Time-Series
Lecture Room
  3.1 Hidden Markov Independent Component Analysis as a Measure of Coupling in Multivariate Financial Time Series
N. Shah and S. J. Roberts
  3.2 Extended Slow Feature Analysis: A Novel Technique for Nonlinear Independent Component Analysis
H. Sprekeler, T. Zito and L. Wiskott
  3.3 Source Extraction Algorithm Based on Cyclic Properties
C. Capdessus, A. K. Nandi and N. Bouguerriou
  3.4 A Unitary Diagonalization Method for Blind Cyclostationary Source Separation
F. Ghaderi, S. Sanei and M. G. Jafari
17:10 End of Session
19:00 Workshop Dinner

Friday 26 September 2008: Day 2
09:30 Registration
Coffee Room
09:50 Coffee/Tea
Coffee Room
10:20 Session IV: Applications
Lecture Room
  4.1 Adaptive Channel Estimation for Multi-Input Muti-Output Wireless Communication Systems
J. Gao, X. Zhu and A. K. Nandi
  4.2 Solving the Permutation Problem using Phase Linearity and Frequency Correlation
K. Toyama, A. Nesbit, M. G. Jafari and M. D. Plumbley
  4.3 Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Face Illumination Analysis
X. Zou, W. Wang and J. Kittler
  4.4 Eye Movement Detection in fMRI Data Sets using Spatial Independent Component Analysis
I. R. Keck, E. W. Lang and C. G. Puntonet
12:00 ICA Research Network "Open Afternoon"
12:00 Lunch & Posters
Coffee Room
Coffee Room
  Multimodal Speech Processing: Enhancement Using Active Appearance Models
Andrew Abel, Amir Hussain (University of Stirling)
  Sparse Multiple Output Gaussian Processes
Mauricio Alvarez and Neil Lawrence (Manchester University)
  Geometric Learning Theory
Roman Belavkin (Middlesex University)
  Advances in sparse signal modelling
Thomas Blumensath, Mohammad Dmour and Mike Davies (University of Edinburgh)
  Sparsity in the context of learning from high dimensional data
Bob Durrant and Ata Kaban (University of Birmingham)
  Compressive Terahertz Imaging
Lu Gan (Brunel University); Yaochun Shen (University of Liverpool)
  Separation of stereo speech signals based on a sparse dictionary algorithm
Maria Jafari and Mark Plumbley (Queen Mary University of London)
  A novel multi-stage approach for blind separation of convolutive speech mixtures
Tariqullah Jan, Wenwu Wang, and DeLiang Wang
  A sparse stimuli for cochlear implant
Guoping Li and Mark E. Lutman (University of Southampton)
  An ICA Based Approach To Secure Watermarking of Biomedical Data
Rajeswari Matam and David Lowe (Aston University)
  Comparison of Intensity and Variance Factorization Models for Multiple Pitch Classification
Paul Peeling, Taylan Cemgil, Simon Godsill (University of Cambridge)
  Hybrid Blind Source Separation Techniques for Biomedical Signal Analysis
S. Sanei, C. Cheong, M. Jing, and K. Nazarpour (Cardiff University)
  Audio Remixing Using Source Separation
Mehdi Shokri-Zadeh and Mark Plumbley (Queen Mary University of London)
  Bayesian Model Selection for Non-Negative Bilinear Matrix Decomposition
Mingjun Zhong and Mark Girolami (University of Glasgow)
13:45 Position Papers
Lecture Room
  Applications of Independent Component Analysis in Communications
Asoke Nandi (University of Liverpool)
  Sparse Representations for Coding, Sampling and Source Separation
Mike Davies (University of Edinburgh)
  Machine Listening
Mark Plumbley (Queen Mary University of London)
15:15 Coffee/Tea and Posters
Coffee Room
(See above for Posters to be on display)
16:00 Panel Discussion
Lecture Room
  What lies ahead for Independent Component Analysis and Source Separation?
16:45 Wrap-up
17:00 End of workshop

Timings shown are provisional and subject to alteration in the final programme.

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