ICArn 2006
ICA Research Network International Workshop

Liverpool, UK        18 - 19 September 2006

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Accepted Papers

See Technical Programme for presentation times.

Keynote speaker

Professor Christian Jutten, on “On relevance of independent components”

Regular papers

1. Low-Complexity Blind Multiple-Input Multiple-Output OFDM Receivers Based on ICA
Luciano Sarperi, Xu Zhu and Asoke K. Nandi

2. Independent Component Analysis Applied on Multi-Channel Auditory Steady-State Response Measurements
Bram Van Dun, Jan Wouters and Marc Moonen

3. Can Measures Based on Time-Delayed Correlations Guarantee Statistical Independence in High-Dimensional Feature Space?
Tiziano Zito and Laurenz Wiskott

4. Blind Source Separation with Non-Stationary Mixing Across Both Time and Frequency
W D Addison and S J Roberts

5. Efficient Dual Cayley Parametrization Technique for ICA with Orthogonality Constraints
Nicolas Quinquis and Isao Yamada

6. MEG Analysis Using Sparse Coding
Kiwamu Watanabe, Noboru Murata, Daisuke Ito and Toshimichi Kuroda

7. Music Score Transcription from Single Channel Mixtures
A. Ciaramella, R. Tagliaferri, L. Giordano, A. Eleuteri and L. Milano

8. Separation in Structure Borne Noise of Knocking Combustion and Disturbing Noise with Blind Deconvolution for Knock Detection
Stefan Lachmann

9. Blind Separation of Maternal and Fetal ECG Recordings Using Adaptive Sparse Representations
Thomas Blumensath and Mike Davies

10. Boosting Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis
Ying Wu and Colin Fyfe

11. Source Separation of Two-Channel Mixtures by Cosine Packet Analysis
Andrew Nesbit, Mark Plumbley and Mike Davies

12. Data Clustering Methods Based on Mixture of Independent Component Analyzers
Luis Vergara, Addisson Salazar and Jorge Igual

13. Factorisation of Positive Valued Functions
Ata Kaban, Louisa Nolan and Somak Raychaudhury

14. Source Separation Using Single Channel ICA
Mike Davies and Christopher James

15. A Neural Architecture for Blind Source Separation
Ernesto Tapia and Raul Rojas

16. Investigating Single-Channel Audio Source Separation Methods Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Beiming Wang and Mark D. Plumbley

17. Comparison of Two Main Approaches to Joint SVD
Gen Hori

18. Post-Nonlinear Overcomplete ICA by Bayesian Statistics
C. Wei, L.C. Khor, W.L. Woo and S.S. Dlay

19. Generalised Polynomial Neural Network Method to Nonlinear Independent Component Anyalysis
P. Gao, W.L. Woo and S.S. Dlay

20. Perliminary Guidelines for Subjective Evaluation of Audio Source Separation Algorithms
Emmanuel Vincent, Maria G. Jafari and Mark D. Plumbley

21. Maximizing Entropy for Estimating Nonlinearities in PNL Source Separation
Jordi Solé-Casals and Christian Jutten

22. Real and Complex Independent Subspace Analysis by Generalized Variance
Zoltán Szabó and András Lorincz

23. An Overview of the Different Solutions for the Permutaion Problem in Frequency Domain ICA
Marina Charwath and Markus Borschbach

24. An Evaluation of Different Approaches for Overcomplete Independent Component Analysis
Imke Hahn and Markus Borschbach

25. Alphabet-Based Deflation for Blind Source Extraction in Underdetermined Mixtures
Vicente Zarzoso and Pierre Comon

26. Cross-Talk Reduction of Two Forearm Muscles? Surface Electromyographic Signals by JADE Algorithm
Gonzalo A. Garcia and Paolo Dario

27. Comparing Principal and Independent Modes of Variation in 3D Human Torso Shape Using PCA and ICA
Anthony Ruto, Bernard Buxton and Mike Lee

28. Gaussian Processes for ICA
Gayle Leen and Colin Fyfe

29. Blind Source Separation of Convolutive Audio Using an Adaptive Stereo Basis
Maria G. Jafari, Emmanuel Vincent, Samer A. Abdallah, Mark D. Plumbley and Mike Davies

30. EM Type Decoding Using ICA Initializations
Xu Zhao and Mike Davies

31. Using Temporal Predictability to Model Financial Time Series

32. Interacting Source Analysis - Identifying Interactions in Mixed and Noisy Complex Systems
Frank C. Meinecke, Andreas Ziehe, Guido Nolte and Klaus-Robert Muller

33. Single Channel Source Extraction by Stationary Wavelet Transform and Independent Component Analysis
V. C. M. N. Leite, A. de O. Moraes, L. E. Borges and A. K. Barros

34. ICA and Genetic Algorithm for Blind Image Deconvolution and Deblurring
Hujun Yin and Israr Hussain

35. Using BSS Algorithms in Alamouti Space-Time Block Coding Schemes
Hector J. Perez-Iglesias, Adriana Dapena and Jose A. Garcia-Naya

36. A new source separation method for cyclostationary sources. Application to the extraction of roller bearing vibrations
N. Bouguerriou, C. Capdessus and A. K. Nandi

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