ICA 2007

ICA 2007
7th International Conference on
Independent Component Analysis
and Signal Separation

London, UK        9 - 12 September 2007

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Paper No: 40

Gradient Convolution Kernel Compensation applied to Surface Electromyograms

Author(s): Ales Holobar, Damjan Zazula


This paper introduces gradient based method for robust assessment of the sparse pulse sources, such as motor unit innervation pulse trains in the filed of electromyography. The method employs multichannel recordings and is based on Convolution Kernel Compensation (CKC). In the first step, the unknown mixing channels (convolution kernels) are compensated, while in the second step the natural gradient algorithm is used to blindly optimize the estimated source pulse trains. The method was tested on the simulated mixtures with random mixing matrices, on synthetic surface electromyograms and on real surface electromyograms, recorded from the external anal sphincter muscle. The results prove the method is highly robust to noise and enables complete reconstruction of up to 10 concurrently active motor units.

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