EASAIER Interface
The EASAIER Interface combines all features of EASAIER. This Interface is designed with the users in mind and can be customised according to individual preferences. demo
Time and Pitch Scale Modification Tool

Time and pitch scale modification tool enables the listener to slow down or speed up audio files without affecting the pitch. demo

Sound Source Separation

Typical applications of the technology include, Demixing/Remixing and Upmixing, Noise Reduction and Source Intelligibility Enhancement and. The algorithm is also a useful pre-process for typical feature extraction algorithms. demo

Video Time Stretching

The video time stretching tool enables the viewer to slow down or speed up images while retaining the optimal sound. demo

Sound Bite

Sound Bite is a key function in the retrieval engine of EASAIER and enables the user to find music and speech which are similar within an archive. demo

Sonic Visualiser