6th International Conference
on Digital Audio Effects

8-11 September, 2003
Queen Mary, University of London

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Keynote talks

Keynote 1: Juergen Herre (Fraunhofer Institute):
MPEG-7 Audio: Tools for Semantic Audio Description and Processing

While previous well-known MPEG standards (such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4) were targetted at audiovisual coding, MPEG-7 focuses on efficient search and retrieval, filtering and semantic description of content. The talk will explain the background of MPEG-7 and provide an overview of the MPEG-7 Audio architecture. It will discuss how MPEG-7 audio tools can be used for semantic audio description and processing, and illustrate a number of application examples.

Keynote 2: Xavier Serra (University Pompeu Fabra): Spectral Modelling Synthesis

Keynote 3: Tim Crawford (City University London): Music Information Retrieval

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