Second IFAC meeting related to analysis

and control of chaotic systems

London, UK        June 22nd—24th, 2009


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CHAOS09 Conference Committee

All correspondence to the conference committee should go to

General Chair

Henri Huijberts, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Conference Secretary

Mrs Catherine Jones, Queen Mary University of London, UK

National Organising Committee

Chairs: C Grebogi (Aberdeen), W Just (London)
Members: D Arrowsmith (London), H Huijberts (London), J Reiss (London), A Rahideh (London), S Spurgeon (Canterbury).

International Program Committee

Chairs: H Huijberts (UK), H Nijmeijer (NL)
Vice-chairs: J-P Barbot (FR), A Fradkov (RU)


D. Arrowsmith (UK)
E.H. Abed (US)
F. Allgower (DE)
D. Armbruster (US)
S. Banerjee (IN)
D. Benmerzouk (DZ)
I. Blekhman (RU)
S.M. Bouguima (DZ)
L. Benadero (SP)
S. Celikovsky (CZ)
G.R. Chen (HK)
P. Colaneri (IT)
C. Cruz (MX)
M. Di Bernardo (UK)
J.-Q. Fang (CN)
R. Femat (MX)
D. Feng (HK)
C. Grebogi (UK)
M. Hasler (CH)
W. Just (UK)
W. Kang (US)
Y. Kolokolov (RU)
A. Krener (US)
J. Kurths (DE)
A. Loria (FR)
W. Michiels (BE)
O. Morgul (TR)
M. Ogorzalek (PL)
T. Oguchi (JP)
A. Pavlov (NO)
E. Ponce (SP)
G. Radons (DE)
J. Reiss (UK)
E. Schoell (DE)
R. Sepulchre (BE)
G.-B. Stan (UK)
J. Suykens (BE)
A. Tesi (IT)
I. Tyukin (UK)
C. Van Leeuwen (JP)
X. Xia (SA)
J. Zaytoon (FR)


- Call for Papers now available.

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