Second IFAC meeting related to analysis

and control of chaotic systems

London, UK        June 22nd—24th, 2009


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Welcome to CHAOS 09, the Second IFAC meeting related to analysis and control of chaotic systems

The Second IFAC meeting related to analysis and control of chaotic systems, entitled CHAOS09, will be held at Queen Mary, University of London, from June 22nd-24th, 2009.

This conference is the second IFAC meeting related to analysis and control of chaotic systems. It will provide a forum for the presentation of new developments in the important interdisciplinary fields of chaos control and synchronization. The research activity in this field is driven by the needs of different application domains such as: biology (brain dynamics, heart dynamics), physics (optics, magnetics, fluid dynamics), mechanics, engineering (non-linear dynamics of electronic and power electronic systems, chaos encrypted signals), economics, chemical engineering etc. The aim of the conference is to provide the communities of control engineering, physics, economics, biology, fluid dynamics, power electronics, electronic circuits, etc. with an opportunity to exchange information and new ideas and to discuss new developments in the fields of chaos control and synchronization. Both theory and applications will be discussed.

The conference will cover all topics related to chaos and synchronization within the framework of control systems theory and engineering, including (but not limited to) the following.
• Recent advances in control and anti-control of chaotic/complex systems.
• Recent advances in synchronization (and observer-design) for chaotic/complex systems.
• Analysis of stability, controllability and observability of chaotic/complex systems.
• Bifurcations in chaotic/complex systems.
• New applications in chaos control, chaos-encrypted signals, optical systems, biological systems, power converters, economic systems, etc.
• Nonlinear dynamics of electronic systems.
• Nonlinear time series and identification.
• Hybrid systems and chaos, grazing bifurcations.
• Limit cycles in networks of oscillators.
• Kinematics models of groups of self-propelled particles.
• Synchronization of delay systems, chaotic delay systems.
• Brain dynamics.
• Small world networks.
• Synchronization in biology.
• Chaos/bifurcation control in chemical engineering.
• Chaos/bifurcation control in physics
• Experimental chaos and synchronization.
• Bridging the gap between ergodic and deterministic approaches.
• Providing a discussion forum for the physics, chaos and control system communities.




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Sponsored by the IFAC-TC on Nonlinear Control Systems, and by Queen Mary, University of London. Co-sponsored by IFAC-TC on Control Design, IFAC-TC on Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems, and • IFAC-TC on Biological and Medical Systems.   Please read our Disclaimer