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Body-Centric Wireless SensoR Lab (Body WiSeR)

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The Body-Centric Wireless Sensor Lab is a new joint research facility with the Department’s Networks Research Group. It provides a mock hospital room and all necessary equipment to simulate real-life scenarios when investigating wireless sensor networks. The lab has the capability to enable research expansion into implantable devices measurement, compact sensor manufacturing and extensive radio propagation characterisation and modelling.

The lab currently includes:

  • A 1U Compute Node - HX2220i, 2xDual Xeon 5335, 2x32GB RAM, 2x80GB HDD
  • Interface hardware and software for parallel computing to support large-scale EM modelling
  • Portable VNAs up to 6GHz
  • Physical human phantom
  • Mock hospital suit
  • Click on the pictures to see Sensor Lab Schematics

    Body Lab Schematics Body Lab 3D