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Nov 22

EECS Distinguished Lecture Seminar - Prof. Alex Rogers, University of Oxford

Open to: Academic, Alumni, Public, Student
Admission: Free

All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required. Preceded at 2.45pm by tea and followed by a reception - both in the Informatics Hub

Tackling Sustainability with Technology: Recycling research tools into impact

Modern computer science has a lot to offer sustainable development; artificial intelligence, machine learning and low-power internet of things devices will allow us to monitor the environment in near real-time and to efficiently manage and control complex systems such as smart grids and smart buildings. However, in the short term, it is often the research tools that we develop whilst pursuing this longer term vision that have the most impact. In this talk, I’ll describe my recent work in this space, and describe some success stories of how research tools have been recycled into real deployed systems.

I originally studied Physics at Durham University before joining Schlumberger as a wireline logging engineer. After five years working in various oilfields around the world I took suspended employment to study for a PhD applying statistical physics to models of evolving populations. Upon completing my PhD I worked for a spin-out from the Santa Fe Institute applying complexity science to business problem before returning to academia, initially at the University of Southampton, and now at the University of Oxford.

Wed 22nd November 2017

Start Time: 15:00
End Time: 16:00


BR 3.02
Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms
Peter Landin Building
E1 4NS

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