Elaine Chew | musician (pianist) + mathematician (operations researcher) → computational music researcher
Professor of Digital Media, Centre for Digital Music, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London
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elainechew-research.blogspot.com → mathematical/computational modeling + scientific visualisation of music cognition/analysis/expressivity
elainechew-piano.blogspot.com → concert-conversations that foster thinking, composer collaborations/premieres, recordings, artistic direction
mupae.blogspot.com → work on music cognition, structure, prosody, interaction with team of doctoral/postdoctoral researchers
elainechew-publications.blogspot.com → archive of written outputs: book, chapters, journal articles, conference proceedings, etc.

keywords: music representation • computational music cognition • music perception and cognition • music prosody (expressivity) • music structure analysis • music informatics • ensemble interaction • Internet performance • sound and music computing • music information research • operations research and statistics • mathematical modeling • mathematical and computational sciences • human-computer interaction • cognitive science • scientific visualisation

Updated 25 April 2016.